Being July in Arizona, and my backlog needing food, I accepted this job up north where it’s always cooler, even cooler than where I live, in Prescott Valley.

Harold got his cabinets and plans from a friend, and I’m guessing at a discount from Elmwood Cabinets, because I know what these would cost. A few of the components had me puzzled, as they were labled with abbreviated names of which I have never worked with. It’s like this: “Show me where the sink cabinet is. Oh, that’s it, the DSME638-B27MSB-EE3.” Come on, it’s aa SB27! The biggest surprise was the microwave cabinet which was wider than the oven beneath, as well as the microwave that is going there.

What really makes these cabinets distinctive is the double crown molding (on top of the uppers) and light rail (beneath the uppers).

But prior to taking these photos, I removed it fron two of the cabinets; I’ll get an updated picture of this soon.

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