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SteveShearer-4-4-2020My name is Steve Shearer, and work primarily in residential home remodel, but occasionally in business remodel.

  • Cabinet installation, repairs, and custom casework
  • Pull-out shelves, spice racks, cutlery dividers
  • Cabinet storage accessories
  • Bookcase, office, & man-cave installations
  • Crown molding installations
  • Custom Formica countertops

When I get contacted by a customer, I go to their home or business & take measurements of their walls. Then, I size up what’s required for the space, and determine what I would place on the walls. Usually, I can purchase the cabinets and/or shelving online. When that’s not available, I propose to make them myself.

Occasionally, a customer may want to have the project custom made. I accommodate them and build their project as agreed. A few jobs I’ve done have a mixture of components with custom cabinets and/or shelving purchased online.

With over 50 years in woodworking, I’ve made and installed pre-hung & custom doors, window & door trim, coffered ceilings, crown moldings, baseboards; wood, ceramic, & vinyl flooring, and custom cabinets for jewelers, banks, retail stores, & high-end residential.

Related projects include: kitchen, laundry, bath, & bedroom cabinets – media cabinets, pantry cabinets and/or shelving – family room cabinets and/or shelving – garage cabinets and/or shelving – workplace cabinets and/or shelving – remodel of existing cabinets and/or shelving.

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I am not a registered contractor.

Rebuilding my mom's deck, Tacoma WA

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