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Should I Choose Lowe’s or Home Depot for My Kitchen Cabinets?

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Home Depot and Lowe’s are large, general-category home improvement stores offering a wide range of home goods.

Though they are different companies, they are similar in many ways, especially for kitchen cabinets. You’ll find both have the same stuff. A low, middle, and top end cabinet. They’re all comparable.

Home Depot and Lowe’s are well-represented in the U.S., each with about 2,000 stores and locations in every state. The number of stores is beneficial: most shoppers can reach a Home Depot or a Lowe’s within an hour or less.

Compare Home Depot & Lowes Cabinets

Here’s a Home Depot cabinets example to view.

I installed this kitchen in September of 2021, for All Affairs Contracting INC., Prescott AZ – see the post here.  And although this is likely the cheapest cabinets you can buy, they are substantual and will hold up for many years. The main noticable difference between these cabinets and Nelson Cabinets, is the doors and drawer fronts. Hampton Bay Hampton Satin White Raised Panel Cabinets have Thermofoil doors, made using a vinyl that is heated and pressurized onto an MDF core. They are usually used for cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

As you can see in this image, a 36 inch base cabinet sells for $168. Comparitivly, the same size cabinet from Nelson Cabinets will cost you $233 plus shipping. So you can see that a kitchen using Home Depot Hampton cabinets can save you 32%. But we’re actually compairing apples with oranges here. Nelson Cabinets are top-of-the-line cabinets with only solid wood and plywood used, and a host of other great qualities. You can see my Nelson Cabinets page here.


If you need cabinets now, Home Depot and Lowe’s both have a number of in-stock cabinets on the shelves.

For Home Depot, this means its house brand, Hampton Bay. For Lowe’s, it’s the Project Source and Diamond NOW brands.

Home Depot and Lowe’s, two top home-improvement stores in the US, offer similar product workshops and installation services.

Though the stores sell most of the same products, Home Depot’s setup appears to be geared more toward professionals — like contractors and interior designers — than Lowe’s.

A recent survey of millennials by Bank of America found that a higher percentage preferred Home Depot for their home-improvement shopping.

If you visit both stores, youi’ll find out that Home Depot has more to offer than Lowe’s.

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See the Cabinets Offered by Home Depot

See the Cabinets Offered by Lowe’s

A better option than the box stores for design, quality & low cost.

ABCabinetry is a quality manufacturer of cabinetry in the US, and has the best over-all price for the product. But of course (correct me if I appear persuasive), Nelson Cabinetry is my preferred supplier, as they’re easier to work with.

With proper planning, Nelson or ABCabinetry cabinets can fit your style, and stay within your budget.

Nelson Cabinetry offers outstanding quality and support to reduce cost, improve deliverability and speed up the development or remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom. If you’re on the search for wholesale cabinets for contractors, you might also take a look at ABCabinetry; with years of experience, high-quality cabinet options.

When searching for cabinet suppliers, reviews and referrals are your friends. Word of mouth is a reliable way to find quality businesses and partners.

See the Cabinets Offered by Nelson Cabinetry

See the Cabinets Offered by ABCabinetry

$3,230 kitchen Dewey AZ 5-22

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