It’s Thanksgiving day, 2022 and yes, I’m NOT working!!

Yes, I do have hobbies, tho she wouldn’t consider it as a hobby. It’s architectural design. And I fricken love looking through website images of this stuff.

El Rojo Grande Ranch ariel view 3Today while browsing through some files, I came across this job I did in Sedona, AZ: This equestrian estate, built by an heir of William Wrigley, known as El Rojo Grande Ranch—includes equestrian facilities, a guest casita, a caretaker’s cottage and a park with a bandstand.

El Rojo Grande Ranch, featured in the Wall Street Journal, is one of the most exquisite and private properties in Sedona. Originally owned by one of America’s most iconic families, this pristine property is just 1.5 miles of west of Sedona. The original Wrigley family owner intendedit as a state-of-the-art equestrian center.

This home is especially iconic to me, as I did most of the work installing cabinetry, shelving, and the kitchen walls all out of Eucalyptus hardwood durring the summer of 1995. Eucalyptus has a distinct looking grain that catches the eye and fits well with most any decor. This job holds sentimental value as well. And I’d love to experience what I had when working there: an orange 1952 Chevy pickup. Every monday for 3 months, I would use that truck to drive from Glendale AZ to Sedona.

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