This covered her entire wall – 15 foot long by 9 foot tall.

We got the lower cabinets from Nelson Cabinets, and I fabricated the shelves and countertop from 3/4″ melamine.

The shelving is something I haven’t done before, to connect the components with some sort of KD fastner. I searched and found furniture cam lock fasteners, got the parts & the jig, and effortlessly pre-fabbed the project. I supplied a couple of photos to show how it’s done.

Cutting the melamine was a big part of the job when you realize that it took 15 minutes to rip an eight foot cut on my tablesaw! Yeah, we’re talking twenty hours or so just to cut it out.

To my amazement, it all went together very well, until I went to place the last end panel. I had machined the countertop wrong and had to make timly corrections. I fixed it as you can see here.

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