Update: finished this Monday, July 7th. There’s a couple of mistakes, but the customer didn’t mind.

This will be an all white, twelve inch deep unit, using five W3630 shaker cabinets (wall cabinets 36″ wide & 30″ tall) for base cabinets, and custom built melamine shelves, with crown moulding on top.

The shaker cabinets were purchased through Nelson Cabinetry. If you’re looking for white or gray shaker cabinets, you’ll get the best quality for the lowest cost through them.

The melamine is 49 x 97 white 3/4 inch sheets, the crown mold is 3-5/8 in. PVC Crown Moulding.
And all three components match, so there’s no painting!

So I’ve been cutting, edging, and machining 3/4 inch melamine for the last six days. I’ve got two more days to go, then four days for installation. Cutting the melamine turned out to be very time intensive, eliminating (and repairing) chip-outs. With a triple chip ground saw blade set at the optimal height, I actually had the majority of my cuts chip free on both sides! You gotta go REALLY SLOW to avoid chip-outs … like fifteen minutes for an eight foot cut! And for the chip-outs that occurred, I ordered a set of white crayons. They hid the holes flawlessly.

This media center is all KD – knock down, assemble on site. I got the idea to use Cam Lock Nuts and Cam Screws for connectors, as I discovered the drilling jig for these. Nelson RTA (ready to assemble) Cabinetry also uses these. This connector system also uses dowels, but it doesn’t have anything to align the dowels, so instead, I’m using biscuits (see pictures), as they align precisely.

I’ll post pictures on this blog when it’s all finished.

I found this similar unit online:

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