When I opened my business, I soon realized it supplied three of my needs: financial, physical, and creative stimulation. While the financial and physical were barely met, the complexity of this vintage Vee-Dub had and still has my mental IndyCar pushing the sound barrier. The contract was approved in May of 2020, and I began working on it March of this year.

The most difficult process involved was to cut slots in the doors to accept the hinge plates. The slot is 1/18” thick by 1” wide by 1” deep and goes into the edge of the door. The 2nd picture set shows my innovation. It’s my first time with t-molding inserted on a curved edge, so that was dreadful as well. Finding the parts for this was also a challenge, and we’re still waiting on the rounded door edging.

This project is being contracted through Hardass Customs Prescott Valley, AZ (currently moving to Mayor, AZ).

my innovation…

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